Survitec Group-Singapore
W.H. Brennan & Co Pte Ltd
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25 Senoko South Road Singapore 758081
T : +65 66602000
F : +65 6542 5246
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    • Fixed station autopilot, either surface or bracket mounted
    • Optimized for larger vessels, in the range of 80 to 500+ feet
    • Waterproof control head
    • Large LCD display
    • Both LCD and control buttons are illuminated and have an adjustable automatic dimmer
    • Graphical and/or digital RAI display in all modes
    • Reliable in any sea and weather condition
    • Easy course changes, from one degree to major changes using large course knob
    • Three "Turn" functions, Continuous, Emergency and "U" Turns
    • Power steering feature for ease of maneuvering
    • Port and Starboard dodge buttons for collision avoidance
    • Adaptive Steering allows tuning of the pilot for the straightest possible course
    • Fluxgate, Magnetic or Gyro compass type selectable from the menu
    • Two Navigation ports for dual Nav input of NMEA 0183
    • Heading output provides NMEA 0183
    • Output for optional analog Rudder Angle Indicator, up to 4 stations
    • Visual and audible alarms
    • Easy to install and fully compatible with your onboard instruments
    • Optional full function Remotes, both fixed and hand held
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