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Citadel Safe Room Communication System

Citadel Safe Room Communication System
Citadel Communications


    • The crew of the ship must have self contained, independent, two way external communications. Sole reliance on VHF communications is insufficient.
    • The provision of communications is essential to the Citadel; without guaranteed communications there can be no consideration of military intervention. A two-way satellite communications system is recomended, powered from an independent source on board with the ability to provide communications for at least three days on an open line, as a minimum.
    • In order to provide the ability to navigate towards a Military/Naval force, the routing of a GPS or even a slave radar feed to the Citadel may be beneficial.
    • Cabinet: Steel Enclosure. 50x70x30cm
    • Power Supply: 110 or 220Vac & 24VDC Ships or 24Vdc Battery. Auto switchover
    • External Connections: AC Power Switch, DC Power Switch, VHF Antenna Input, GPS Antenna Input, Iridium Antenna Input, SSAS panic button
    • Cables:  40 meters LMR400 or equivalent, terminated with connectors for VHF, GPS and Iridium.
    • Equipment: Iridium 9555 with antenna, Sailor 6215 VHF DSC with antenna, Furuno GP32 GPS with antenna, Iridium ASE Docking Unit, Iridium Axcesspoint Wifi
    • Iridium Wifi that is compatible with Android tablets, Ipad or computer
    • Iridium Axcesspoint Apps for Android and Ipad tablets for ease of emailing
    • Docking unit for fixed installation and protection of handset
    • Docking Intelligent handset for ease of communication and dialling
    • Pre wired GPS signal to VHF for DSC operation
    • SSAS Alert button for optional connection to existing SSAS
    • Accepts AC and DC/ Batt input with auto switch over in the event of failure
    • Independent power supply between GPS/ Iridium and VHF
    • All equipment cables pre wired.
    • Iridium Antenna in disguise lamp cover
    • Plug and Play System
Technical Specifications

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