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Citadel VHF

Citadel VHF
Citadel Communications


    • The crew of the ship must have self-contained, independent, two way external communications. Sole reliance on VHF communications is insufficient.
    • The provision of communications is essential to the Citadel; without guaranteed communications there can be no consideration of military intervention. A two-way satellite communications system is recomended, powered from an independent source on board with the ability to provide communications for at least three days on an open line, as a minimum. 
    • In order to provide the ability to navigate towards a Military/Naval force, the routing of a GPS or even a slave radar feed to the Citadel may be beneficial.
    The SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D is a highly competitive price product, premium, rugged quality for less which all can enjoy reliable DSC communications out on deck or at the helm. From safety alerts using the robust DISTRESS button and direct dial calling, to GPS integration and safety messages, it offers a wealth of improved safety features.  DSC not only features sophisticated safety functionality, it also enhances operational communications and convenience so you can get on with the job at hand.

    SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D features excellent audio from the built in 6kw speaker in addition to Dual Watch, Tri Watch and Scanning, loudhailer with talk-back and foghorn functionality.  Whether hailing your team or communicating with passing vessels or SAR assets, make your job easier and safer through better internal and external communication.  A large display with red backlight to protect your night vision makes navigating the intuitive menus using robust buttons and wheelknobs a simple operation.
    The Citadel Sailor 6215 VHF DSC is a suitable VHF communication system for the Anti Piracy Safe room because it only comes with one antenna cable comparing to Class A VHF DSC. It is supported by N163S power supply which takes in ships AC and DC. In the event that the ship's AC mains is down, the power will auto switch to 24Vdc without disrruption to the services. 


    Sailor 6215 VHF DSC for 24Vdc operation comprising of

    One    Transceiver Unit (SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC)
    One    SAILOR 6202 Hand Microphone with spiral cable
    One    User and installation manual
    One    Installation guide
    One    Mounting bracket with two wheel knobs
    One    Connectors for cables
    One    Power cable, fittings and fuses
    One    Sun Screen (click on) for front plate protection
    One    Kit for flush mount installation, including gasket
    One    Power Converter, 24V DC to 12V DC
    One    AC Marine CX4 VHF Whip Antenna with L Bracket Mount  
    One    40m Antenna cable
    One    N163S 110/220Vac/ 24Vdc to 24Vdc Power supply
    Note: Antenna cable can be extended to 100m



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    • Full waterproof to IPx8 (submersible)
    • and IPx6 (spray) all over
    • Large easy-to-read display with red
    • backlight and dimming
    • High quality, powerful 6W loudspeaker
    • 2 hand microphones/handsets
    • 1 control speaker microphone
    • Detachable hand microphones - front
    • and rear
    • SAILOR Replay function
    • DW, Tri-watch and scanning
    • Loudhailer functionality with talkback
    • Foghorn functionality


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