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    Furuno’s GP170 is a highly stable and reliable position fixing system for ocean going ships, large yachts, ferries and commercial vessels. It is an ideal position sensor for Radar, AIS, ECDIS, Autopilot, Echo Sounder and other navigation and communications equipment. Its newly designed GPS chip and antenna deliver enhanced stability and precision in position fixing. Noise rejection capabilities are incorporated in the new receiver, delivering anti-jamming function as well as a high level of tolerance towards multi-path mitigation. Tolerance towards multi-path mitigation is further enhanced when the GPA020S or GPA021S antenna unit is utilized.
    A variety of display modes are available including Plotter, Course, Highway, Data and Integrity. The Integrity display mode delivers a highly accurate Skyplot presentation of currently viewable satellites, status on GNSS/SBAS signal reception including strength and SNR, and elevation angles of available satellites, as well as detailed information about available beacon stations.
    • Augmentation to enhance precision by utilizing SBAS
    • Full compliance with IMO MSC. 114 (73) and IEC 61108-4
    • 10 Hz (0.1 second) position update rate making steady own ship tracking possible
    • Front panel USB port for export/import of routing data, menu settings and user settings
    • BAM (Bridge Alert Management) ready
    • LAN interface for efficient network integration into bridge system (IEC 61162-450)
    • Simplified menu operation
    • Enhanced route planning/management function
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