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Lifeboat Handling

Lifeboat Handling
Global Davit GmbH



    The group name of Fhs.-type free-fall lifeboat handling cranes represents the executions of slewing cranes for lifeboat handling and combined executions with additional rescue boat/ raft and/or stores handling functions; with hydraulically driven slewing features. The systems are in full accordance with the present SOLAS-rules and are MED-certified.


    Each system consists of:

    • pedestal suitable for welding to deck
    • column with integrated power unit, hydraulically driven slewing gear(s) and operation/maintenance platform
    • arm in box shape construction
    • winch with multi-disc brake and hydraulic motor
    • hydraulic system with pumps, control and relief valves, cylinder with Chromium-plated stainless steel rod, hydraulic motor and   return-line filter
    • electric system with stainless steel starter box with push buttons
    • wire rope in galvanized (anti-corrosion) non-rotating steel
    • suspension according to the latest DIN-standards
Technical Specifications

    additionally for rescue boat and/or liferaft handling features:

    • stored power system with accumulator and pressure control system
    • winch for  rescue boat and/or liferaft handling
    • wire rope in galvanized (anti-corrosion) non-rotating steel
    • suspension for rescue boat and/or liferaft
    • remote control of the stop-go type
    • jockey pulley for retrieving of the empty hook


    • electric proportional remote control or radio control
    • explosion proof execution
    • extra power unit for life saving functions connected to emergency circuit
    • flood light on arm connected to the ship's emergency circuit
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